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List of Xbox FPS Boost games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox FPS Boost allows select backward compatible Xbox games to run at double or even quadruple the original frame rate without any developer input. So, games that you remember running at 30fps can go as high as 60fps or even 120fps for a better experience.

This feature is only available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so if you’re still using a last-gen console, we have bad news, simply because it requires a significant increase in CPU power for these newer platforms to run games at a higher frame rate.

We’ve put together the full list of titles that apply to this feature and details on the frame rate used to run the games, how they’re running now, and any other noteworthy details. It’s worth noting that some of the Xbox FPS Boost games are considered to be the best Xbox Game Pass games, so it’s worth taking a look.

Xbox FPS boost

List of Xbox FPS Boost games

Xbox FPS Boost requires no developer input but is subject to certain restrictions. Some games may only be patched on one platform because the Xbox One X backwards compatible version can already run a game at 60fps. Other games may be very demanding and require settings to drop down to the Xbox One or Xbox One S version of the game before increasing the frame rate.

Just be aware that Microsoft has now finished updating older games with its FPS Boost, so don’t expect any more additions to this list. However, if you want to revisit a game but just couldn’t bear to play it at 30fps, check out the full list of supported FPS games below.

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How do I use Xbox FPS Boost?

In order to take advantage of this frame rate boost feature, you will only need to play games on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. It will be enabled automatically as long as your console has the latest updates.

To check if a game is running with FPS Boost, you can press the Xbox button on your console to check the FPS Boost and/or Auto HDR labels. FPS Boost is turned off by default in some games, but it can be easily turned on under the compatibility options in the game management and add-ons setting.

Note that in order to enjoy a game at 120fps on Xbox Series X or S, you’ll need to make sure you have one of the best 120Hz TVs available. You will also need to enable 120Hz on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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