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3 min readDec 21, 2022

The Borderlands team now owns the menace of rain, and has big plans for a roguelike

Sci-fi roguelike Risk of Rain is getting a full remake, as Gearbox Games purchases the series from developer Hopoo Games to co-create it with all-new content.

Risk of Rain Returns is a complete remake of the 2D roguelike for 2013 that takes everything in the original game, adds items and heroes released for the 3D sequel, and a load of other improvements, and will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC sometime In the year 2023.

“Danger of the Rain Returns completely overhauls the original and introduces a ton of new content,” ad reads, promises “an all-new gameplay and upgraded experience from the original Risk of Rain”. Expect new enemies, survivors, improved audio, gameplay tweaks, and survivor abilities above all else in the original.

Tucked away in the danger announcement of the return of the rain is the news that Gearbox has developed Borderlands 3 Risk of Rain 2, the publisher, has purchased the rights to the series. That is, new games can be created in the Risk of Rain series, and original developer Hopoo Games can work on other projects.

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Risk of Rain is an action-packed 2D platformer that incorporates roguelike elements to increase the stakes, with enemies powering up as you move through a strange alien world. Permanent death is a key component, so the goal of the game is to use your characters’ unique skills to get as far as possible in each level, buying time to grab high-powered items while fending off the bloodthirsty hordes in their combos. You can play alone or with friends for a multiplayer experience, but watch out — friendly fire is a thing, and if any of your teammates die, you all will.

Even though its 2020 sequel, Risk of Rain 2, ditched the platform style for a 3D third-person shooter angle, Risk of Rain Returns will stay true to the original in all its split-screen, side-scrolling glory. From the announcement, we know that the remake offers the “feel” of smoother gameplay “without losing that legendary challenge of Rain Risk,” so get ready to experience a hack-and-slash platformer experience that shouldn’t feel flimsy or all that hard to maneuver.

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(Image credit: Gearbox Publishing)

“We are ready to move on to new challenges and welcome the exciting and new ideas that Gearbox will bring to Danger of Rain,” Hobo wrote in the announcement notes. [Risk of Rain 2 expansion] Void survivors remain a top priority for Gearbox, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings to menace of rain on their heads! “

While Hopoo Games will be the developer of Risks of Rain Returns, the team says it’s “ready to move on to new challenges.” There is no release date for the risk of the rains returning after sometime in 2023.

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